Memories of Feline Friends ~ Bozo Was the Perfect Name, Part 3

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Memories of Feline Friends ~ Bozo Travels to MN, First Class, Part 2

Moving with a cat can be a challenge, moving with Bozo was definitely an experience. After living several years in the LA area, I changed jobs necessitating a move from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, MN. The company paid for my relocation (including transporting my car) and gave me a first class plane ticket.

Bozo helped with the move … jumping in and out of boxes, slinking along the floor (did he think he could not be seen?) when the cable company staff and movers came, etc.

Because I would be carrying Bozo plus checking luggage and getting a car rental when I arrived, I thought that taking a red-eye would be the most convenient for both of us. This was pre-9/11 and the TSA security lines.

A friend took us to the airport. Bozo was behaving very well in his zippered carrying case (was he planning how to get out?). Bozo and I boarded the plane and I put him under the seat in front of me, telling him it would be a fairly short flight.

After take-off, snacks were served and then the cabin was darkened. I was relaxing when the man sitting in front of me frantically started waving to get the attention of the flight attendant. When she came to see what he wanted, he said “there’s something moving on the floor!”

I looked down and staring up at me was my gorgeous blue eyed Bozo! How had he gotten out of the case? I immediately picked him up and considered myself very lucky that the people sitting nearby either laughed or remained asleep.

I put Bozo in the carrying case and kept it on my lap, petting and talking to him.

Need I say it was quite the challenge to get a cart, collect my checked luggage, have Bozo remain in the carrying case (with the broken zipper!), hoping that he did not manage to reopen it.

I went to the car rental and from there to a diner as it was too early to go to my new apartment. They let me sit at a table with Bozo in his case next to me. We then drove to our new apartment. The manager met me, showed me around the apartment and then somehow Bozo disappeared — after several frantic moments, turned out he had gotten in back of the refrigerator. Obviously, he wanted to explore our new home.

Bozo adjusted quite well to Minneapolis, even venturing onto the balcony in the winter to investigate snow. He much preferred the balcony when the weather was warm. He was still my crazy beloved cat – alternating between being sweet and ferocious.

We lived in Minneapolis for two years and then I got a transfer to the west coast.

Bozo’s adventures continue in Part 3 …





Memories of Feline Friends ~ Bozo Was the Perfect Name, Part 1

Let me introduce you to a beautiful part Siamese cat, who deigned to live with me for more than 12 fabulous, memorable years. While I was living in LA, a friend lived with me for a while. He would go out for daily walks and after about a week, he mentioned that he had seen […]

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Jameson … a Cat Tale …

Let me introduce you to Jameson, a beautiful, intelligent, sweet tortoiseshell cat. When friends who had rescued her, gave her to me, they called her “Cali” (for Calico). I said no, that will not work. She is a tortoiseshell plus according to something I’d read, Earnest Hemingway said that cats like an “s” sound in […]

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Rose Garden, Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA ~ Photos

The Rose Garden at Point Defiance Park has more than 1500 rose bushes, miniature roses, a wishing well and gazebos. The nearby Fuchsia Garden contains more than 125 varieties or upright fuchsias. The Dahlia Trial Garden is spectacular to walk through as the plants reach heights of more than 6 feet.

Benches are about for you to sit amidst the beauty of this oasis.

Savor your journeys … near and far … 

Japanese Garden, Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA ~ Photos

A short walk from the Duck Pond and Rose Garden is the exquisite Japanese Garden. It’s a splendid place to sit, relax and reflect on it’s beauty and simplicity.

Savor your journeys … near and far …

Duck Pond, Point Defiance Park, Tacoma WA ~ Photos

The Duck Pond is in the garden area of the Point Defiance Park. On a sunny day, the shade is very welcome. Will have posts/photos of the beautiful Japanese & Rose Gardens. Great way to spend a gorgeous day and in the Pacific Northwest, we take advantage of sunny days.

Savor your journeys ~ near and far ….

Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA ~ Photos

Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA ~ Photos

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. ~ Henry David Thoreau

This beautiful 700+ acre park has gorgeous woodland trails, gardens, spectacular waterfront views, a zoo and aquarium and a 5 mile drive making it easy to stop and explore. It’s especially gorgeous in summer, with the sun sparkling on the towering trees and the rippling water.

Walking about the Marina area, I was fortunate to see a seal pup north of Owen Beach. The seal was relaxing in the water and seemed to enjoy the attention of people walking by.

Along the Five Mile Drive, stop and check out the 450 year old Douglas fir (Mountaineers Tree) and be enchanted by the forest and the waterfront scenery. There is ample parking plus areas for picnics and numerous paths for hiking.

Savor your journeys … near and far ….

In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike. ~ Paulo Coelho


Travel Memoir ~ Thailand

In a recent post, I wrote how foreign currency left over from a journey can evoke marvelous travel memories. The Thai currency I have certainly fits the bill. It brought back marvelous memories of my first trip to Asia (solo traveler) as I loved every minute of that fabulous journey. I explored Tokyo, Thailand, Hong Kong and Honolulu. 

I spent about five days days in Bangkok, taking several half day tours, including the Floating Market (fascinating) and the Royal Palaces (beautiful) tours. The people were delightful and very helpful. It was off-season so not that crowded with tourists.

It was the first time I ate Thai food and quickly became a fan. 

The hotel where I stayed (Siam Inter Continental) was fabulous. I fondly recall meeting a Pan Am flight crew and we all celebrated Thanksgiving at the hotel. It was a very memorable meal, high-lighted by a fun group, a special menu for the Holiday, including turkey, French wine and rather than pumpkin pie, we were served sweet potato pie. It was another first for me and it was delicious. We had lots of laughs and very much enjoyed Thanksgiving abroad.

I checked online and unfortunately the hotel was torn down in 2002 to make way for a shopping mall. I was sad when I read the article; however, memories are forever.

After several days, I flew north to Chiang Mai. It is breathtakingly beautiful and I was very fortunate that I went before it was “discovered” and it was also off-season. Temples were beautiful to explore as was the botanic gardens. People were warm and friendly and eager to please. 

I reserved a ½ day tour to see the surrounding area. As I was the only person on the tour, the guide asked me if I’d prefer a private car or go on his motorcycle. Of course, I opted for the motorcycle. It was a memorable afternoon. We explored several villages where people enjoyed showing us what they crafted. We stopped for delicious local food.  Somehow we managed to carry my “souvenir treasures” on the motorcycle as we headed back to the hotel.

In addition to currency, post cards make memorable mementos, They are wonderful to look at years after a trip as they will conjure up memories of your journeys. Several are shown on this post. 

Savor your journeys… current ones as well as those that you have taken and are re-living via your memories.


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