Road Trip: Pacifica, California to Northern Oregon Coast

I recently posted about my trip from Western Washington to LA, with links to photos of the spectacular coast from San Francisco to LA Road Trip ~ Western Washington to Los Angles

My initial plan was to take the Interstate (I-5) to Washington. Instead, as I love the coast, I returned to Pacifica from Los Angeles via highway 1 and from there took highway 101 north.

If you have the time, take highway 1 north thru California and explore the many small towns. The scenery is spectacular and it is a not to be missed trip.

As I have already made that incredible drive, I opted to try a new route: north on highway 101. I had read about the incredible redwood trees and decided to drive via the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwood State Park, on old highway 101.

Avenue of the Giants

Take the 31 mile detour which parallels highway 101. There are numerous places to stop, have a picnic, go hiking and explore this magical area. Walk among these majestic trees and feel their beauty. Sense the quietness of the forest.  Ave of the Giants, Northern CA ~ Photos

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Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum, Oregon

WAAAM has one of the most extensive collections of antique airplanes and cars in the US: more than 325 planes, gliders, cars, bikes, jeeps and tractors. It’s super fun to walk about the four hangars that house this great collection. There are museum volunteers readily available to answer your questions.

Notable exhibits include a 1917 Curtis Jenny, WWII L-Bird collection, 1916 Dodge Brothers Roadster, 1914 Detroit Electric Car, WWII TG-6 Glider and a 1923 Locomobile Touring Car. There is a dedicated section with about 10 gliders, including a 1930 WACO Primary glider. There is a section devoted to a reenactment of a 1912 Curtis Pusher flight. The 1995 reenactment occurred from a hotel in Portland. Enjoy the video, which is shown throughout the day.

On the second Saturday of each month the Museum gets the engines running. You can ride in antique cars and watch the antique planes take-off and land. Mingle with the volunteers, have your camera ready and enjoy the day.

You can easily spend several hours exploring and going back in time. While I love planes and gliders, I was in awe at some of the old touring cars. The museum is located 65 miles from Portland. Definitely take time to explore the beautiful Columbia River Gorge area and The Dalles. The museum’s web site has lots of information about their collections, events and classes. WWW.WAAAMUSEUM.ORG

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, Oregon


Start your quest to follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark at the Fort Clatsop Visitor Center. You’ll receive a brochure with information about the twelve sites spread over 40 miles which comprise the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. Peruse the gift shop for guidebooks, maps, toys and an extensive selection of books.

The staff recommended Stephen Ambrose’s “Undaunted Courage” to gain an informative understanding of the epic journey.

Browse the exhibit hall which includes a detailed list of preparations for the journey, a panoramic map of the expedition from St. Louis to the Pacific, their clothing, rifles and muskets which were used for hunting, trading and self-defense, the tools they utilized, a replica of a canoe and a diorama of the natives showing the explorers a beached whale.

View the two orientation movies: “Confluence of Time and Courage” about their journey and “A Clatsop Winter Story,” representing Native American views of the visitors, with their different customs and rules.

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