Two Favorite Bookstores ~ Idaho

Rediscovered BooksRediscovered Bookshop, Boise

Located on popular 8th Street (restaurant row), this is a terrific place to stop in and browse. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, with “staff picks” and book club picks displayed.

There is an excellent selection of books, including mysteries (where I always find new authors), literature, sci-fi and fantasy, philosophy, history, cooking, health and games. There is a terrific classics section ranging from Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tales and Poems” to Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” The children’s section also has a wide range of books, games and toys, including many classics (J M Barrie’s “Peter Pan”).

There is a small sitting area plus a nice selection of cards and cute socks and check out the Water Color Travel Set. It is a small shop but well worth your visit.


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Warhawk Air Museum, Nampa, Idaho

When you arrive at the Warhawk Air Museum, you receive a Self-Guided Tour pamphlet… get ready to explore. As you walk about, you will discover many older planes, including P-40N Warhawk, P-40E Kittyhawk, P-51C Mustang, F-86F Sabre Jet, N3N, Fokker DR-1 and two MIGs: MIG-17 and MIG-21. You will find many collections of memorabilia as you peruse the large collection, ranging from “home front” items, including children’s toys, books and puzzles, to a collection of many different types of uniforms worn during WWII to a piece of the Berlin Wall. There are more than 175 items listed in the pamphlet, ranging from a cabinet dedicated to the US Marine Corps, another with submarine items, another with WWI memorabilia to a NASA exhibit. Take your time to read the stories and immerse yourself in a different time.

The museum is located 17 miles from Boise. Their web site has a wealth of information, including about the restoration of a Grumman F9F Panther, the first jet used by the Blue Angels.