Photos ~ Gig Harbor, Washington ~ Feb 2020

On a beautiful crisp sunny, winter day, it’s marvelous to walk about Gig Harbor. A clear, sunny day in February is delightful as it’s so rare. After walking about, I stopped for a lunch at my favorite Italian Restaurant, Il Lucano   

I discovered that you can order from their extensive dinner menu at lunchtime, which meant a fabulous lunch of Caesar Salad, Veal Saltimbocca, White wine (Sicilian) and Cappuccino  … Fantastico!  Maybe we will have an early Spring?? And yes, that is Mount Rainier in the distance .. on a clear day, it is visible and very beautiful.

Savor your journeys … past, present and future … real and imagined, near and far.




Book Review ~ “How to Think Like a Cat” by Stephane Garnier — Katzenworld

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Welcome to the world of cats!. Let me tell you about a marvelous book for cat lovers. The author has a cat (“Ziggy”) and decided that he would be much happier if he could live more…

via Book Review ~ “How the Think Like a Cat” by Stephane Garnier — Katzenworld

As I mention in the post (use the link above), I recently bought a 1,000 piece puzzle with the titles of cat books, including “How to Think Like a Cat”. I haven’t worked on a puzzle in ages and forgot how much fun it is… especially since my cat helps me with it.

Perhaps my next puzzle will be a favorite place where I have journeyed or plan to … or another cat puzzle. Whichever, it’s marvelous to rediscover the pleasure of  jigsaw puzzles.

And now, back to the puzzle ……