Favorite Bookstores: Missoula, Montana

On my road trip from western Washington to Mt. Rushmore, I stopped in Missoula for several days. I love browsing and supporting local, independent bookstores, and found two bookstores to add to my “favorite bookstore” list.

In addition to a fabulous book selection, Shakespeare & Company has cards, t-shirts, journals and gifts plus very friendly, helpful staff. Check out the “staff picks” for ideas. I bought two books that look fascinating (one a staff pick).

My finds at Shakespears & Co
My finds at Shakespears & Co

As you peruse the titles, you will discover many books to whet your appetite. There is a small sitting area, music playing in the background and it is well worth a visit.

Link http://www.shakespeareandco.com/


Another terrific independent bookstore to explore is Fact and Fiction. They have a terrific selection in their small shop plus very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Located in the downtown area, they specialize in local authors and will gladly order books for you. I found a mystery by a local author which looks to be a good read.

Both stores also have readings and special events.

Savor your journeys.


Road Trip: Western Washington to Mt Rushmore ….. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Montana

Sixty-five miles east of Billings, heading toward Mt Rushmore, a terrific stop is Little Bighorn Battlefield. Park rangers at the Visitor Center readily answer your questions. The Museum has very informative exhibits and a very good collection of books, including Stephen Ambrose’s “Crazy Horse and Custer”.

Leaving the visitor center, as you walk toward Last Stand Hill and the 7th Cavalry Memorial and then the Indian Memorial, you can feel the history all about you. Gaze about and sense what happened here in June, 1876. Think of what victory and defeat meant. Drive about Battlefield Road, following the map from the visitor center to get an idea of the size of the battlefield, stopping at Memorial Markers.

Savor your journeys.

Road Trip: Western Washington to Mt Rushmore ….. Missoula, Montana

I’ve always wanted to visit Mt Rushmore and recently thought why not visit now? I planned to travel prior to Memorial Weekend (as both road trip travel and Mt Rushmore will be very crowded in the summer months) and waited until the snow season was over (or almost over) in South Dakota and Wyoming.

My route from western Washington was very direct, via the I-90 interstate. First stop: Missoula, Montana. Very glad I decided to break up my trip here. It’s a beautiful area, the weather was sunny, nice parks, and two super book stores to explore (a future post). There is a fabulous coffee stand (Copper Mountain Coffee) and a great restaurant (The Stone of Accord) near the hotel (a future post). Yes, I would definitely return to further explore this gorgeous “Big Sky” area.

Savor your journeys.