Tips: Traveling Cross County Solo with a Cat

Take a deep breath — you can do this! Make a to-do list and be flexible.

Plan your route. The USA has a terrific interstate highway system with rest stops and information kiosks with very easy access to hotels, gas stations and food.

Reserve your room the day prior, considering weather and how far you think you will drive the next day. Reserve a ground floor room as you will be bringing not only your stuff into the room, but also your cat and food and toys and litter pan. Flexibility is key. Pick a hotel chain where most of the chain accepts pets. I used Choice Hotels and would recommend them.

  • Visit your vet
  • A sedative may not be the answer, especially if a small cat
  • Buy disposable cat litter trays (supermarket or pet store) for each night plus several extra
  • Pack your trunk and keep everything you need in the back seat and your cat (in carrying case) in the seat next to you
  • Always keep your pet in a carrying case while driving
  • Have food or water handy in case your cat wants something (at a rest stop)
  • Have a towel in your car to shield your cat (in her carrying case) from the sun
  • When you arrive at your motel, bring everything into the room, put out your cat’s food, toys & litter pan (put a towel under litter so litter does not get on floor/rug, have garbage bags for disposal) and then open the cat carrying case and let your cat explore
  • Pack a dust pan, brush and pet cleaner in case of any accidents
  • Have flexible travel plans
  • Enjoy your journey, think of it as an adventure.

Here is a link about my cross country trip from western Washington to South Carolina. I have many great memories of the trip with my cat, Shadow. She was the best navigator and I am so glad that I was fortunate to make such a memorable trip.

Cross Country with Shadow ~ A Cat Tale










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