Travel Memoir ~ Venice, Italy

Venice, the “Queen of the Adriatic,” is an incredible journey from the moment you arrive. I have fond memories of taking a private water taxi from the airport to the hotel in the city. My friends and I laughed saying it was like something from a James Bond movie.


Venice is also known as the “City of Bridges” or the “City of Canals.” A few hours in Venice and you will understand why. Wear comfortable walking shoes.


Venice is a beautiful city to explore, on foot. Expect to get lost on the many narrow streets and bridges. Take a ride in a gondola. Tour the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. Enjoy a cappuccino or dine on St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco). Take the vaporetto (local water bus). Go to Murano Island for authentic glass pieces.  I have 3 glass cats from there that I love.


I have been to Venice several times, in fall and winter. Venice is gorgeous when misty. It envelops the city and you find that you are in a marvelously mystical place.


One evening, friends and I went for dinner at a restaurant on the other side of Piazza San Marco and then cross a bridge or two. The dinner was leisurely and very good (great local wine: Verdicchio). When we were leaving the restaurant, the waiter told us that the Piazza was flooded. I asked if there was a way around that and was told no, but not to worry.


One friend had been to Venice when it had similarly flooded and explained that chairs were put up and we would cross the Piazza on the chairs. I was dubious but thought OK, when in Venice…..


Cane chairs had been set up on the Piazza, closely next to each other. We held hands and had to climb from one chair to the other, as there were arms on the chair. It was not easy to navigate. About half way across, several of us laughingly said “enough of this,” and we walked (make that waded) across the Piazza to our hotel. Two guys rolled up their slacks before wading through the water. My boots never did quite dry out, but a piano bar at the hotel plus some grappa warmed us as we attempted to dry out.


Tip: always check weather and high tides when venturing out to explore or dine.


I was there once with my mother and a beautiful black and white cat started to follow us. My mother called the cat “Venny” and he would always be waiting outside the hotel for us, as my mother would feed him (waiters were very accommodating). The cat looked quite well-fed and probably always found travelers to feed and pet him.


Venice is a unique place and I have many treasured memories. It will always be a special place for me, whether I went solo or with friends. The wine and cuisine are superb, quite different from southern Italian (though I love that also). And thanks to the Venetians, I learned to accept what is – if a flood, we’ll manage. And getting lost can usually be quite serendipitous.


Travel well and often.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Memoir ~ Venice, Italy

  • Hi, thanks for this one since we will be in Venice April 29, 2019. Our experience there was not a good one; hopefully this one will be much better. We felt “ripped off” by the restaurants; and, the Hotel Daniele was a joke for the $$ spent—our room was supposed to have a canal view and we were looking at an alley and building. This time I will get restaurant advice. Our hotel is planned by the cruise ship so it will work much better. We will be taking a water taxi to the hotel from the airport prearranged. The last time we were lugging our luggage from the car rental place to the water taxis—unbelievable!

    Anyway, we are looking forward to the cruise on the Regent Explorer Venice to Rome April 30-May 10, 2019. Check it out on Google.

    Love, Donna

    Tommy just wrote that his home near Sacramento is close to the airbase where the planes are taking off from.


    • Donna, Funny, I stayed at the same hotel … I am sure this time will be more memorable (in a good way!) … It’s such a beautiful city … and yes, definitely the water taxi! Did it once with Elsie who loved it … Enjoy your week-end!!! Love, Eileen


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