Travel Memoir ~ Outer Islands, Hawaii

No trip to Hawaii is complete unless you visit the Outer Islands. While Oahu (Honolulu, Waikiki) has many areas to explore and beautiful beaches, while in this Pacific Paradise take your time to explore the other islands. You will find yourself using the words “awesome, magnificent, gorgeous” to describe the natural beauty.

My first trip to Hawaii, a friend and I decided to take a 4 day tour of the Outer Islands. It was fabulous and we saw all of the major sights and fell in love with the beauty of the islands and its people. I went back to Maui, my favorite, two other times. And once in Oahu, I took a one day tour of the Outer Islands.

Maui, “The Valley Isle,” is mystical from its beautiful beaches to the moonscape like landscape of Haleakala Crater and National Park, to the marvelously, windy road to Hana. If you go for sunrise, it is a memory that will last forever. Take time to explore historic Lahaina and Wailea and you will soon discover your favorite spots. The western part of the island has spectacular beaches, especially Wailea.

I still remember floating in the water one morning. A friend had decided to leave late morning while I chose to get a late night flight. We were standby (airline staff). She came running along the beach looking for me, saying that only the late morning flight was now available and all flights were full through the next day. I never dressed and packed so quickly. We did get boarded on the late morning flight and spent the afternoon in Waikiki, laughing as only stand-bys can when getting on an almost full flight. Waikiki was more crowded than Wailea, but I will always recall floating at Wailea, not having a care in the world, until my friend found me.

Kauai, “The Garden Isle,” is spectacular. Take a helicopter or boat tour of the incredible Napali Cliffs. Rent a jeep and tour the island. Waimea Canyon is a must-see. It is nick-names the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Go swimming in the magnificent Hanalei Bay on the North Shore. Take a day sail or dinner cruise along the magnificent Napali coast.

Hawaii, “The Big Island” is a super destination for those who love to fish. A must see is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Take in a Hula Luau show.

Each of the islands has its own unique characteristics. You can plan in advance based on your favorite activities (swimming, surfing, dining, golf, diving, hiking, etc.) or take an exciting one day overview tour while vacationing in Oahu and decide which island(s) you want to further explore. Each island is memorable and very diverse. You will create memories that will last a lifetime as will your memories of the Aloha Spirit.

Travel well and often.

Travel Memoir ~ Oahu, Hawaii


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