The Armchair Traveler ~ 20th Century Travel Posters

Recently, I was browsing books in Barnes and Noble and came across “20th Century Travel” by Jim Heimann and Allison Silver. It is a marvelous book detailing the changes in travel (in both text and posters/ads) from the grand tours of wealthy tourists to the jet age. It’s a terrific book to browse and dream and whet your appetite for travel. I added some favorites below.

  • Think about your favorite places.
  • Immerse yourself in the images you create.
  • Visualize the glamour associated with embarking on a deluxe ocean liner or taking a flight to a favorite spot or a place you have always wanted to visit.
  • Check out the posters below and imagine taking a journey in the beginning of the 20th century, before travel became popular.
  • Imagine yourself on a beautiful beach or an ocean liner or a Pan Am Clipper flying to Asia or Europe.
  • Have fun and enjoy your dreams.

Plan your journeys using the mystique of your imagination. Pick a spot and learn all about it – its history, culture, cuisine, art, literature, etc. The world is yours to explore. Savor it.


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