Travel Memoir ~ Munich, Germany

I visited Munich in Spring and it was quite beautiful. It’s a neat city to explore with many interesting shops (yes, I did buy a cuckoo clock) and terrific restaurants. As I did not rent a car, I took a tour to the beautiful Linderhof Palace and the Black Forest.


Being in Munich, I had to go to a large beer hall. It was crowded and I cannot imagine what the area must be like during Oktoberfest (very large crowds!). I had heard that beer is the Bavarians favorite drink and it is fabulous. Everyone was in a very jovial mood. I ordered and looked about, noticing that the servers were carrying several (four?) large beer steins in each hand.


When the waitress put the beer stein in front of me, I laughed as I realized it was heavy because it was thick glass, filled with the most delicious beer. It was quite unlike the beer I had previously tasted. I immediately understood why the Bavarians love their beer.


Everyone at the table toasted “Prost” (German for “cheers”) and we drank, enjoyed the food and became merrier. Visiting a beer hall is a definite “must” when in Munich. The phrase to know is “Ein Bier, bitte” (a beer, please)


Memories of my visit to Munich are highlighted by the very warm, generous people, terrific food (especially the pastries and desserts) and Munich beer and the beautiful scenery. I treasure my short stay there as I have life-long marvelous memories of this gorgeous area.


Travel well and often and savor your journeys!



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