Travel Memoir ~ NYC

Growing up in NYC, I knew that I lived in a very special place. While I have moved to the west coast, I enjoy my visits to this very unique city and yes, I am still a Yankees fan (Mets also!) and love listening to Frank Sinatra’s recording of “New York, New York” (pronounced Neu Yawk).

Let me share some of my memories and should your journeys take you to New York, New York, you will also have incredible memories which will last a lifetime.

  • The Twin Towers, including cocktails and fabulous brunches at Windows on the World Restaurant … a part of me will never be the same because of 9/11
  • Walking all about Manhattan, from east side to west side, downtown by the water, up 5th Ave to the Museums, etc
  • Central Park, beautiful any time of year
  • Rockefeller Center, especially memorable at Christmas
  • Circle Line boat about Manhattan
  • The Staten Island ferry
  • Broadway shows (check out TKS for tickets, waiting in line, not knowing if you will get tickets for the show you want)
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  • Lincoln Center
  • St Patrick’s Day Parade and then going to a fabulous Irish Pub, lots of laughs
  • Discovering your favorite Italian restaurants (best Italian food outside of Italy)
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (always a must visit)
  • The Natural History Museum and Planetarium
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • Nearby beaches including Jones Beach, Long Beach, the Hamptons and the Jersey shore
  • Katz’s Jewish Deli on Houston (pronounced Howston)
  • Macy’s and Bloomingdales and Lord & Taylor
  • Local shops and restaurants on the upper West Side
  • Macy’s July 4th Fireworks
  • Walking along the restaurant row area, picking a spot, before going to a Broadway show (terrific memories of Becco Italian Restaurant)
  • Studio 54 and Xenon discos
  • Top of the 6’s (Fifth Ave), when it was a restaurant, with a great view
  • Fifth Ave at dusk
  • Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Off Broadway shows
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Late night restaurants, including great dessert places … mouth watering
  • Water taxi to Hoboken, NJ for terrific Italian food
  • Terrific Greek restaurants in Astoria
  • Best bakeries …

I could continue, but you get the idea! It is the most incredible city to explore … enjoy!! The links below have some favorite photos of NYC …

Savor your journeys!

Travel Memoir ~ Photos ~ Manhattan, NYC

Travel Memoir ~ Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Travel Memoir ~ Central Park, NYC



4 thoughts on “Travel Memoir ~ NYC

  • Great recap of our “home town”! I do love it there; and, I feel so energized when I am there. Yes, walking is the best way. The traffic jams (we were there last Oct.) are horrendous, your cab stands still for 10min. at a time. We were rushing to see Evan Hanson (Broadway) and were stuck in traffic, literally, w/10 min. to ShowTime and being 10 blocks away! I told Roy I would get out and start “fast walking to just get our will call tickets and get to the seat. We make it w/one min. to spare. I guess that is why diBlasio wants to tax cars in mid-Manhattan.


    • That’s a great memory…many times, much faster to walk than taking a taxi or bus…insane traffic…I laugh now when I think I used to drive in it…only owned a car when I lived in Queens, not when living in Manhattan… fabulous city!!!


  • The list is complete. I grew up in the area too. My parents arrived in 1986; my dad had one of his first jobs in the Twin Towers so I think I’ve heard about this restaurant you mention. And I agree….. I was old enough to remember 11 September. It did a number on all of us and I personally cannot even step in that neighborhood. But as for the rest, I still love exploring and walking around.


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