Photos ~ Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine ~ Pacific Palisades, CA

One of my favorite places to visit in the LA area is the Lake Shrine. Located on Sunset Blvd, near the Pacific Ocean, it is a world apart. The quiet is a marvelous contrast to most of the LA area. It is a splendid place to walk about, sit and meditate amidst its serene beauty and explore the Visitor Center, gift shop and museum. 

A friend told me several years ago that this was a favorite place of Elvis Presley and he made frequent visits to this beautiful sanctuary. 

Savor your journeys and discover your own oasis.

6 thoughts on “Photos ~ Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine ~ Pacific Palisades, CA

  • It truly is an exceptional place – a real gem. Didn’t get there last time you were in town — think PCH was a mess (more than it’s usual) which made getting there a hassle. Next time for sure.



  • Your photos are gorgeous, Eileen. I can see why Elvis cherished this place so much. I hadn’t heard of Lake Shrine before, but will definitely add it to my (ever-expanding!) list of place that I must visit.


  • Absolutely beautiful pictures…..btw, I put the place on the market yesterday… my realtor and introduced her to Linda as a potential client. Can’t believe I am actually doing this….will keep some clothes at Linda’s for return visits…..going to start taking items out of frig today to Linda’s and empty food in cupboards and start packing clothes for home…you have a great day and kisses to J

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