Beautiful Fall Day, Bainbridge Island, WA ~ Photos

Visiting Bainbridge Island is a terrific way to experience “island time” any time of the year. Walk along Winslow Way, browse the shops, and enjoy coffee and pastry (check out Pegasus) or lunch.

Favorite places for lunch include Restaurant Marche (marvelous French cuisine, with the best French Onion Soup) and Doc’s Marina Grill (great fish ‘n’ chips).

Let me add a new find: J’aime Les Crepes. It’s a small place, close to Restaurant Marche with fabulous crepes, savory or sweet. I had the exquisite Norwegian Crepe: wild sockeye salmon, creme fraiche, green onions, lemon juice and capers. Also, very good coffee. Keep it in mind as you walk about and explore.

Fall is a beautiful time to stroll about the back streets and enjoy the magnificence of the foliage.

Savor your journeys, near or far, real or imagined, fleeting or lengthy. 

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Fall Day, Bainbridge Island, WA ~ Photos

  • Eileen:
    Beautiful pictures of Bainbridge Island, Wa. What type of camera are you using? Pictures they seem sharp and clear. You need to come to Arizona for a few days in the Spring when the desert is in bloom. We also have a home in the mountains 6,700 feet elevation at the edge and entrance to the biggest Ponderosa pine tree Forrest in the USA. Many points of interest in the state that would be of interest to your followers. We can put you up while you are here. Best time to come would be early to mid April. Thanks for keeping us on your distribution list. Have a great Thanksgiving. Hope you can be with family. All the best, Richard


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