Armchair Traveler ~ Virtual Sites ~ Worldwide Museums

Since travel is more or less at a standstill, armchair travel is certainly more in vogue. Hopefully, it is a way to relieve stress and transport you for a while to a different place, perhaps a place you have dreamed of visiting.

Below is a fabulous site with Museums — MANY MUSEUMS!!! Some museums have setup a virtual tour while others have photos of their exhibits. Have you dreamt of visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, The Palace of Versailles, The Acropolis Museum in Athens, The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, The White House, Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, National Gallery of Australia, The National Gallery of Prague, etc? Now, you can virtually browse and explore numerous museums from all over the world.

In addition, this site also has links to Getty Images and Life Photo Collection. You can easily spend hours exploring the incredible photos.

Enjoy your virtual journey …..

Below are some favorites that I have visited and relive each time I browse these great sites. The only thing missing is the terrific food and wine I remember (including the BEST chocolate brownie at The Louvre)  … I will have to improvise …

The Louvre in Paris

The Vatican in Rome

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

The British Museum in London

In these very stressful times, I hope that this blog post lets you take a pause — find a museum in an area you want to explore in the future, plan an ethnic meal, listen to music …and know that we will all get through this…..

Savor your journeys… real, imagined or virtual, near or far.

Below are some photos of the Metropolitan Museum (NYC) and some exterior photos of the Getty Museum (LA) ~ Looking forward to visiting them again!

Another favorite spot is the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA … a beautiful, serene place to walk about … When this is all over, I think that we will treasure our journeys so much more .. be they a long vacation, a one day excursion or a museum visit, in person!

Photos ~ Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades, CA

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