4 thoughts on “Travel Memoir ~ Venice, Italy ~ (Addendum: Additional Photos)

  • Love your pix. We will be in Venice April 29-30. Roy just told me he wanted to eat at Harry’s Bar and Grill—have you ever eaten there? We were turned away when last we were there since we had no reservations—even for a drink! I am not interested, but Roy is, so we will go. We are traveling down the Dalmatian coast/Croatia and Italy (Sicily and Rome, Florence) even though we have been there before. We have not been to Dubrovnik, Kotor, etc. We are doing the Regent Seven Seas on the Explorer—you can look up the Itinerary if you are interested.

    Happy New Year! Been busy w/Sharon and her knee pain, doctors, etc.

    Love, Donna


  • Eileen, these pictures brought back memories. They were just lovely to look at. I hope you had a great day. Love and Hugs, Carmella


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